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Energy Efficient Devices To Reduce Your Energy Consumption


We are dependent on the electrical appliances for our comfortable living. Choosing the right kind of appliance will reduce your energy consumption and so you will see a reduction in the electricity bills. Modern appliances are created in such a way that they work perfectly without drawing high energy. One should remember that getting an energy efficient appliance is not enough; one needs to know the proper way to use them and get in touch with Electrician Goodyear to know in detail.

Why is energy efficiency important?
When an appliance uses less energy it is called as energy efficient. Using energy efficient appliances can increase your savings as it reduces your electricity bills. Energy saving is also beneficial for the environment. Less energy consumption means a reduction in the amount of toxic fumes released by the power plants. Most of the power plants burn coal, crude oil etc to produce the electricity and the process release the greenhouse gases like sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. It raises the temperature of the earth which means higher sea levels, abnormal weather patterns, and more natural disasters.

How the energy efficient appliances work?
Energy efficient appliances draw very less energy to complete the work. They are designed to work under a lower energy setting. Nowadays many devices use solar energy which is easily available throughout the year.

Energy efficient devices:

  • LED lights- LED lights are very popular these days because of their durability and minimum energy consumption. It lasts for many years so are very economical. Electron flow in the semiconductor diodes produces LED light. They don’t have filaments like the incandescent lamps. The only disadvantage is that they are quite costly.
  • Programmable thermostat- Programmable thermostats can save a lot of energy. You can easily program your thermostat for the entire day and your air conditioner will work accordingly. If ever you forget to turn off your air conditioner, you can easily do it from remote areas. In your absence, you can keep your air conditioner running at high temperature to keep your pet comfortable at home and you can reduce the temperature once you are at home. ​
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  • Ceiling fans- Keeping the ceiling fan on in the summer will circulate the cool air quickly. Hence you will feel the coolness quickly. This will reduce the excessive use of air conditioner. In the winters you can use the fan in the clockwise direction in order to circulate the warm air in the home.
  • Phantom power- Phantom power is a term given to the power which the electronics draw even when they are turned off. Phantom power is responsible for 8% of the total energy consumption. You can use the charging station which can be preset to turn off after a certain time. The charging station will automatically turn off when your laptop or phone is fully charged. You can also use smart power strips which cuts the power from anything that is plugged into it. You don’t have to remove the plugs separately in the night. These devices help you in saving the money.
  • Smart windows- The windows can be covered with a thermochromic filter which gets activated when the temperature reaches a certain level. Once activated the window becomes tinted which blocks the sunlight from getting inside. Thus reducing the need for the home cooling system.
  • Plug load controllers- Plug load controllers control and monitor the energy use of the appliances and electronics. Plug load controls can help in reducing the phantom power. You can even schedule the time to turn on and turn off your controllers.
  • Energy star products- Energy star appliances are appliances that are highly energy efficient. They help you in saving the energy and reducing the energy bills. ​

Use Less Air Conditioner And Cut Down Your Electric Bills


It does not take much money or time to slash the cooling costs. Simply follow the tips below for energy savings and call AC Repair Goodyear if required.

Locating Air Leakages
Locating air leakages can be hard. They are frequently very small to be hardly visible. To find out them, follow trail of smoke. Just close all windows in your house, turn all the fans and exhaust fans off, and shut the furnace off. Light a few incense and slowly walk around the outside walls of the home. Anywhere you see the smoke blowing from something or sucked toward something, an air leak is there probably. Now that you have found the leak, seal it immediately.

Heat-Decreasing Window Film
The heat control window films will assist keep the rooms cooler, and you can yourself install it. The films reflect sun’s ultraviolet rays and heat, and decrease glare without obscuring view. The more sunlight coming directly through the windows, the more your film will help. Applying this film takes nearly 30 minutes only per window. It must last for nearly 10 years. Prices differ with film size.

Cover Open Soffits
The builders often place a soffit wherever they want to place recessed light fixtures or cabinets, and at times they utilize soffits to contain the heating ducts. Soffits possess a higher potential for leaks, especially if they have recessed lighting. Refer to the sketch and dig all around in insulation if needed to find them. The reflective foil insulation, at times known as ‘bubble-pack’ insulation, will work well as air barrier for the soffits. It is flexible and nearly 1/4 inch thick only, making it simple to cut using a scissor. You need to clear the insulation from surrounding woods to get caulk to stick. Cover the foil using insulation when you are finished. But, don’t put the insulation in 3 inch of recessed lights until the fixtures are IC rated.

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Get Energy Audit Done
An energy audit consists a complete series of tests, like the blower doors pressure test, which tell you the efficacy of your cooling system and overall efficiency of the house. On basis of test results, auditor will suggest low-cost improvement to save on energy and bigger upgrades which will pay you within 5-7 years back. Audits take 2-3 hours generally, but if you ever set up one through the utility company, you might be eligible for rebates.
A fundamental part of any energy audit is blower door test. Auditor closes all windows and doors and then puts a blower fan inside a back or front door. The blower door test will measures the air infiltration rate or ‘tightness’. The flow and pressure gauge shows difference between the outside and the inside airflow so auditor can calculate air leakage rate.

Get a Programmable Thermostat Installed
Setting your AC system 4-5 degrees warmer while you are away at your work or on a vacation and lowering it automatically to 78 degree when you are home can cut down 5-20 percent off the energy bill. Mounting programmable thermostat is an easy DIY project. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to program it.

Change or Clean AC Filters On Monthly Basis
Dirty air filters tend to be the number one cause of air conditioners breakdowns and they can cost nearly 7 percent more money in the energy costs in hotter climates. Change the central Air Conditioner filters monthly during summer season. Most of the window units have removable filters behind air inlet grille which you can take outside and rinse monthly.

Avoiding Water Pressure Losses In Your Showers


Any loss in showers water pressure is really an annoyance, even though it’s only a short disruption because of a flushed toilet. Of course it is much worse in case it is a chronic issue which makes it much harder to rinse shampoo and soap away. There are many ways of preventing and fixing this common issue, but they differ depending on their root causes.

Pressure Balancing Valve Limitation
If the shower has pressure balancing valve – in which there is a single handle or knob to control both flow of water and temperature -- you’re possibly at the risk of interruption of water pressure because of the usage of other close by fixtures. The classic instance is when any flushing toilet causes a change in water temperature and pressure drop.

This kind of valve mixes cold and hot water together at certain pressure levels. When a toilet flushes, the cold water get diverted to refill tank, which lead to a drop in pressure in the colder water line. It even takes the pressure balancing valve few seconds to adjust itself, during which time water might turn very hot as the valve is not getting all cold water it requires. And then when valve adjust, it does this by decreasing the pressure coming out from hot water line, leading to an overall pressure drop.

Luckily, there’s another kind of shower valve which allows you to prevent this problem completely. It’s known as thermostatic mixing valve, which offers separate control for water pressure and temperature. Call a trusted local plumber to ask regarding upgrading to one among these valves.

The Malfunctioning Diverter Valve
In case you have a shower and bathtub combo, you’ve a diverter valve probably -- a switch or knob which diverts water from bathtub faucet to the showerhead. Such valves can break or malfunction after many years of services, and the result can be that valve cannot open sufficiently to send complete water pressure to showerhead.
This likely is a culprit if the water flows from bathtub faucet at complete pressure but fails down to match the pressure from showerhead. A plumber could confirm this diagnosis as well as complete the repairs with replacement diverter valve.

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The Water Pressure Reduction Valves Need Adjustment
When the water pressure issue affects all the fixtures inside your home, the main cause could be near to water source. In a few homes, a device known as water pressure reducing valve is linked to main water line close to the point wherein it enters the house. This valve can break, malfunction, or fall outside adjustment -- and all these three are jobs best for an expert plumber.

Obstructed or Broken Pipe
The worst probable cause of any shower pressure drop tends to be a broken pipe, as the resulting leakage could do serious damages to an unseen part of your house. If you can ever hear water running where and when it should not be, or in case you suddenly see water or dripping stains, shut your water supply off at main valve and contact Plumber Goodyear for an emergency service immediately.

Clogged Showerhead or Pipe
Conversely, the best scenario is that the showerhead is simply clogged and dirty. To get a closer look, unscrew the showerhead from wall if probable. You may wish to soak it into an apt cleaning solution for many minutes prior to cleaning all nozzles thoroughly with any old toothbrush.

In case you reside in a region with hard water, then you may even have minerals deposit accumulation in your pipes. This decreases flow gradually and eventually will have a very noticeable effect on your water pressure. This issue can be easily avoided with water softening system installation, but pipes which are clogged badly may have to be professionally replaced or cleaned.

Tips To Save Your Money On Toilet Repairs


Toilet repairs are no good idea for a homeowner, especially if toilet is overflowing. You might not believe it, however the total amount toilets in homes is increasing. As per data, the amount of new houses with three or even more bathrooms now outnumber new houses built with one-half and one to one bathrooms by ratio of almost ten to one only. If this also applies to your house, you might even experience the hassles of dealing with many blockages at once, that you have to know about how to take actions and prevent the situations from growing worse. After all, results of not taking complete care of toilet blockages may cost you much more money than what you realize. Issues may include: replacement or repair costs to flooring, sewer and drain lines repair, high water bills, etc. Moreover, you might also pay a noteworthy amount of your money on water damages restoration service. If you wish to avoid the higher spending this season, then you should study on how can you avoid these conditions altogether. You might be surprised to know that you can easily save hundreds, and even thousands of your dollars on toilet repairs just by learning some simple tips on reducing the risk of blockages.

How To Save Your Money on Toilet Repairs?
Even if you aren’t a licensed or skilled plumber, you still can take actions in fixing toilet blockages by following the simple steps below:

  • Offer An Optional Garbage Disposal: Blockages will happen just because there’s no option for disposal inside your bathroom, leaving occupant with no other choice however to discard something inside the toilet. But, you should instead put a small waste can near every toilet in the house. This is a very economical way of avoiding blocked toilets which could be the consequence of something simply getting flushed down in the toilet which should not have been near it in first place too.
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  • Keep The Surfaces Clear: Lots of blocked toilets also lead from accidents where any object is knocked in the toilet accidentally. It often occurs when closeby counters are filled in with small objects such as cosmetics and bottles. Keeping the areas clear of minor items will lessen chances of you needing to make any needless call for plumbing repair services.
  • Flush Down Twice, When Needed: If waste isn’t removed after first flush, you must flush again. But, if these many flushes are becoming very common, then you should consider that there might be a serious issue with toilet and its time to call Plumber Goodyear. Not to state, multiple flushes also are waste of water. In case you wish to avoid higher spend on water bills as well as further damages to your plumbing systems, you should instead call a licensed plumber only to find what services will be required to fix the issue.
  • Learn Plunging: You have a plunger probably in your house however do you know how to use it properly? If you don’t, please follow the steps below: insert the plunger in the toilet bowl, then position it over the drain hole and plunge strongly until the water level in the bowl goes down, and it will then tell you that the clog is removed successfully.
  • Educate Your Family Members: Adults and children alike should know what should not be thrown down your drains. You must inform everyone that these objects must stay far from your toilet: household waste products (human or pets hair, kitty litter, grease, oil), paper products (feminine hygiene products, cleaning wipes, cotton balls), or other materials (medications, toys, articles of clothing).​​

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