Energy efficient devices to reduce your energy consumption

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We are dependent on the electrical appliances for our comfortable living. Choosing the right kind of appliance will reduce your energy consumption and so you will see a reduction in the electricity bills. Modern appliances are created in such a way that they work perfectly without drawing high energy. One should remember that getting an energy efficient appliance is not enough; one needs to know the proper way to use them and get in touch with Electrician Goodyear to know in detail.

Why is energy efficiency important?

When an appliance uses less energy it is called as energy efficient. Using energy efficient appliances can increase your savings as it reduces your electricity bills. Energy saving is also beneficial for the environment. Less energy consumption means a reduction in the amount of toxic fumes released by the power plants. Most of the power plants burn coal, crude oil etc to produce the electricity and the process release the greenhouse gases like sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. It raises the temperature of the earth which means higher sea levels, abnormal weather patterns, and more natural disasters.

How the energy efficient appliances work?

Energy efficient appliances draw very less energy to complete the work. They are designed to work under a lower energy setting. Nowadays many devices use solar energy which is easily available throughout the year.

Energy efficient devices:
  • LED lights– LED lights are very popular these days because of their durability and minimum energy consumption. It lasts for many years so are very economical. Electron flow in the semiconductor diodes produces LED light. They don’t have filaments like the incandescent lamps. The only disadvantage is that they are quite costly.
  • Programmable thermostat– Programmable thermostats can save a lot of energy. You can easily program your thermostat for the entire day and your air conditioner will work accordingly. If ever you forget to turn off your air conditioner, you can easily do it from remote areas. In your absence, you can keep your air conditioner running at high temperature to keep your pet comfortable at home and you can reduce the temperature once you are at home.
  • Ceiling fans– Keeping the ceiling fan on in the summer will circulate the cool air quickly. Hence you will feel the coolness quickly. This will reduce the excessive use of air conditioner. In the winters you can use the fan in the clockwise direction in order to circulate the warm air in the home.
  • Phantom power– Phantom power is a term given to the power which the electronics draw even when they are turned off. Phantom power is responsible for 8% of the total energy consumption. You can use the charging station which can be preset to turn off after a certain time. The charging station will automatically turn off when your laptop or phone is fully charged. You can also use smart power strips which cuts the power from anything that is plugged into it. You don’t have to remove the plugs separately in the night. These devices help you in saving the money.
  • Smart windows– The windows can be covered with a thermochromic filter which gets activated when the temperature reaches a certain level. Once activated the window becomes tinted which blocks the sunlight from getting inside. Thus reducing the need for the home cooling system.
  • Plug load controllers– Plug load controllers control and monitor the energy use of the appliances and electronics. Plug load controls can help in reducing the phantom power. You can even schedule the time to turn on and turn off your controllers.
  • Energy star products– Energy star appliances are appliances that are highly energy efficient. They help you in saving the energy and reducing the energy bills.


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