Use Less Air Conditioner and Cut Down Your Electric Bills

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It does not take much money or time to slash the cooling costs. Simply follow the tips below for energy savings and call AC Repair Goodyear if required.
Locating Air Leakages
Locating air leakages can be hard. They are frequently very small to be hardly visible. To find out them, follow a trail of smoke. Just close all windows in your house, turn all the fans and exhaust fans off, and shut the furnace off. Light a few incenses and slowly walk around the outside walls of the home. Anywhere you see the smoke blowing from something or sucked toward something, an air leak is there probably. Now that you have found the leak, seal it immediately.
Heat-Decreasing Window Film
The heat control window films will assist keep the rooms cooler, and you can yourself install it. The films reflect sun’s ultraviolet rays and heat and decrease glare without obscuring the view. The more sunlight coming directly through the windows, the more your film will help. Applying this film takes nearly 30 minutes only per window. It must last for nearly 10 years. Prices differ with film size.
Cover Open Soffits
The builders often place a soffit wherever they want to place recessed light fixtures or cabinets, and at times they utilize soffits to contain the heating ducts. Soffits possess a higher potential for leaks, especially if they have recessed lighting. Refer to the sketch and dig all around in insulation if needed to find them. The reflective foil insulation, at times known as ‘bubble-pack’ insulation, will work well as air barrier for the soffits. It is flexible and nearly 1/4 inch thick only, making it simple to cut using a scissor. You need to clear the insulation from surrounding woods to get caulk to stick. Cover the foil using insulation when you are finished. But, don’t put the insulation in 3 inches of recessed lights until the fixtures are IC rated.
Get Energy Audit Done
An energy audit consists a complete series of tests, like the blower doors pressure test, which tell you the efficacy of your cooling system and overall efficiency of the house. On basis of test results, auditor will suggest low-cost improvement to save on energy and bigger upgrades which will pay you within 5-7 years back. Audits take 2-3 hours generally, but if you ever set up one through the utility company, you might be eligible for rebates.
A fundamental part of any energy audit is blower door test. Auditor closes all windows and doors and then puts a blower fan inside a back or front door. The blower door test will measures the air infiltration rate or ‘tightness’. The flow and pressure gauge shows difference between the outside and the inside airflow so auditor can calculate air leakage rate.
Get a Programmable Thermostat Installed
Setting your AC system 4-5 degrees warmer while you are away at your work or on a vacation and lowering it automatically to 78 degree when you are home can cut down 5-20 percent off the energy bill. Mounting programmable thermostat is an easy DIY project. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to program it.
Change or Clean AC Filters On Monthly Basis
Dirty air filters tend to be the number one cause of air conditioners breakdowns and they can cost nearly 7 percent more money in the energy costs in hotter climates. Change the central Air Conditioner filters monthly during summer season. Most of the window units have removable filters behind air inlet grille which you can take outside and rinse monthly.


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